When replacements are needed

Prosthetic dentistry is an area of dentistry that mainly deals with the oral rehabilitation of missing teeth or severely damaged hard dental tissue. In the case of losing one or several teeth, fixed restorations (crowns and bridges) can be used depending on the situation, removable dentures (partial dentures, full dentures) or a combination of both denture forms may become necessary. In our practice it goes without saying that we will discuss the necessary treatment and this will be accurately documented. Together, we will find a solution.

Through further vocational training and recertification, our treatments are always based on the latest scientific and medical knowledge. It is important that after the incorporation of the new dentures the correct care and oral hygiene is applied in order to maintain the dentures secured in the long term. Depending on the position of the gap there may be special requirements for the dentures, therefore a vast variety of methods are used depending on the situation. Our goal is to avoid removable dentures.


Nowadays, modern dentistry can offer you a wide range of different treatment options. Together with you, our team will be able to find the optimum solution for your individual situation.

Please make an appointment with us – we will advise you.