Orthodontics in Marbella

Orthodontics for Children

It is very important to detect and eliminate problems at a young age, specifically during the primary dentition stage. Interceptive orthodontics involves early intervention during the transition of teeth, allowing for the correction of dental misalignments, crowding, and jaw issues before they become more complex.

Orthodontics for Adolescents

Once the transition from primary teeth to permanent teeth is complete, it is important to assess whether permanent orthodontic treatment is necessary. Various types of braces are available, including metal braces, aesthetic braces, and Invisalign. Here you can find more information about the different types of braces.

Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontic treatment for adults offers different options, whether it involves transparent or metallic braces or clear aligners. The choice of the appropriate technique depends on the patient’s individual needs and the specifics of the case. Our orthodontist will present you with the best options and help you select the most suitable treatment method for you.

There are different options to choose from. One possibility is the use of metal braces, which can be used for both adolescents and adults. This method is simple, quick to apply, and highly durable. The metal braces are made of biocompatible, non-oxidizing metal, providing an effective treatment option.

We also use self-ligating braces as they offer many advantages. Thanks to an innovative system, the brackets are not tightly connected to the wire with elastic ligatures, resulting in minimal to no friction. This allows for a more physiological tooth movement, which also means reduced treatment time for our patients. This option is particularly recommended for patients at risk of gum problems.

Another option is the aesthetic braces. They resemble metal braces but are matched to the color of the teeth, ensuring an aesthetic appearance during treatment. Aesthetic braces are a popular choice for patients who desire a more discreet treatment as they are less noticeable and blend better with the natural tooth color. This allows for maintaining an aesthetic appearance of the teeth during treatment.

A completely invisible form of fixed braces is the lingual technique. We use the Incognito system. Incognito braces are attached to the inside of the teeth (lingual treatment). Due to their positioning, they are extremely gentle on the teeth, provided that optimal tooth cleaning is carried out. Studies show that the risk of caries is lower during lingual treatment than from vestibular (outside).

Another popular option is invisible aligners (transparent aligners), which are one of the most advanced methods for correcting teeth and jaw issues today. Invisalign is favored by both adolescents and adults due to its emphasis on aesthetics. This invisible aligner system is a trendsetter as it is discreet and hardly noticeable. Invisalign offers a comfortable and aesthetic solution for correcting dental misalignments and is equally popular among adolescents and adults.

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