One of the our main specialties lies in the field of dental implantology, There is no other form of tooth replacement that is as similar to the original as an implant. The small ‘post’ made out of neutral titanium or ceramic replaces the tooth’s root and grows firmly into the jawbone, this foundation allows the fixation of dental crowns, bridges and even dentures. The result of the treatment provides you with the comfort of a firmly anchored tooth just like before. You will feel no restrictions when laughing, speaking or chewing.

From a single tooth to an edentulous jaw we can offer you individual implant solutions that provide you with comfort and aesthetic solutions in the long run. You can be certain that we only use the world’s leading manufacturers of implants.


MDI Mini- Dental – Implants, due to their small diameter of 1.8 – 2.4 mm can also be used in severely atrophic mandible jaws without augmentative procedures and are particularly suitable for the stabilization of complete dentures. Due to their design, the surgical procedure is minimally invasive. The MDI Mini- Dental – Implant supported prosthesis, allows us to offer you an economical and effective treatment – above all for those who have rejected previous treatments due to fear or financial difficulties.



Implants allow us to replace almost any tooth perfectly in terms of function and aesthetics.
Implant supported teeth do not only look like natural teeth – they can also be maintained and looked after
just as easily. With professional dental cleaning and regular prophylaxis – about every three months –
these implants can last a lifetime.