Treatment of diseases affecting the tooth nerve, more commonly known as the “root canal”

Root canal treatment is part of endodontics which aims to preserve a tooth that is badly decayed or has become infected.

A root canal treatment is usually performed following one of two indications:

If the tooth is vital and the pulp is irreversibly damaged or

if the tooth is already devitalized.

The aim of the treatment is the removal of the pulp and the non-vital (dead) tooth germs from inside the tooth. This process focuses on cleaning the root canal system as thoroughly as possible and eliminating any bacteria and tissue remnants.

The endodontist works with the newest technology including treatments with loupe magnification, the use of flexible nickel-titanium tools (which are operated by microprocessor-controlled engines), ultrasound in the root canal, electrical length determination and the use of highly biocompatible materials.

On closer examination of the root canal system we are able to recognize and treat things that the naked eye cannot see. The high cost and time intensity of this process pays off at the end as the teeth that may have otherwise been removed will stay healthy long term. It is even possible to reconstruct the teeth that originally did not respond to this treatment.

Fear is misguided. The treatment is – contrary to the popular opinion – in most cases almost totally painless. Besides the necessary expertise and maximal use of technical equipment, the endodontic therapy is also extremely time consuming, depending on the level of difficulty. This allows us to have immense success.

One treatment usually consists of three appointments, the first appointment will involve an examination and a consultation, which will help you understand the details and give you a chance to ask all your questions. It is important to us that we have cost transparency from the beginning.

Therefore we always create a thorough treatment plan before we start, during the examination and consultation appointment, which demonstrates a clear brea down of all the costs. The treatment will then usually be finished after two further sessions.

Dr. Frank Baumchen

High quality demands

Like you, we have high standards when it comes to quality. Therefore, in our practice the technical qualifications of our staff play a crucial role. Our team offers a vast variety of different specialties, but with one goal in common: we want you to feel comfortable and always provide you with the best treatment possible. Our primary goal in root canal treatment is always to conserve your tooth by careful and complete cleaning and stabilization of the root canal system.

Dr. Frank Bäumchen

is specialized in root canal treatment. Feel free to arrange an appointment with him.