Digital X-ray

Precise diagnostics… Gentle… Environmentally-friendly

You can obtain a digitalized image of the tooth on a screen within seconds which is used to immediately assess the area in order to discuss the treatment plan.

The radiation exposure of the digital x-ray technology is reduced up to 90 per cent in comparison to traditional analog technology. This is due to the fact that the digital memory film is much more delicate than the conventional X-ray film.

Digital X-rays have a better image quality than conventional pictures and portray tooth and bone structure perfectly. These can then immediately be edited on the computer to show greater detail, allowing a faster and more exact diagnosis.

The digital images can easily be passed on to the patient or equally to other dentist colleagues doing the follow up treatment. Complicated and time-consuming sending of bad-quality copies belongs to the past.

Environmentally friendly. Analog X-ray films, and the corresponding processing chemicals necessary for conventional X-rays are no longer needed. Therefore, the use of digital X-ray technology makes an important contribution to the protection and preservation of the environment.