The dental surgery involves any operative procedure in dentistry. These include, besides all the traditional dental procedures such as extraction, i.e surgical extractions of teeth, wisdom teeth and also root fragments

• Resections with or without the root filling
• Surgical crown extensions
• Surgical removal of cysts in the jaw
• Surgical reconstruction of the jaw bone
• Dental Implantation

Piezo surgery

The piezo surgery is the most advanced method for surgical treatment of the bone. Using a special hand piece with interchangeable inserts, which is activated by ultrasound in high-frequency oscillations, enables the cutting or removal of the bone. Unlike conventional rotary drills, the advantage of the piezo surgery is that only the bone is selectively removed due to its hardness. Soft tissue (e.g, nerves, connective tissue, mucous or blood vessels) do not get damaged, even if accidentally contacted.
Due to the precise ablation piezo surgery is considered to be atraumatic (less harmful), which is an advantage for wound healing.
The piezo surgery is ideal for the preparation of sinus lift ( protecting the Schneiderian Membrane) or the bone block removal of the bone structure.


Nitrous oxide – the gentle alternative
Dental surgery has also found the use of nitrous oxide very effective due to its relaxing and anxiety- reducing effect.
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