Dental aesthetics

A beaming smile is your most beautiful accessory

Healthy teeth are more than just beautiful “add-ons” on someone’s face. It can determine your success and the lasting impressions you leave.

In order to keep your gleaming white smile we can offer you professional teeth cleaning: a gentle method with which we can remove stains and plaque much more effectively than your dental care at home. In addition, regular professional cleaning is important in order to prevent dental and periodontal diseases.

The dream of white teeth can become a reality

Using a gentle tooth-whitening procedure, the patient’s natural tooth color can be lightened. The extremely thin ceramic shells, known as veneers, don’t only change the tooth colour completely, they can also correct misaligned teeth. Even fillings or crowns nowadays are available in highly aesthetic solutions that are indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Perfect aesthetics is a result of teamwork between dentist and dental technician. As a team we develop the optimal solution for the patient, which can often be completed within one day.


In order to have beaming white teeth, you can either go for tooth whitening or veneers. But if you want to avoid wearing provisional veneers for days, why not consider ‘Instant Smile’ CEREC Technology?
Please ask us all about it.