The conservative dentistry includes the following so called preservative subdivisions:

Dental prophylaxis

Professional dental cleaning

Sealing of fissures

Fissures are indented regions in the tooth surface (see picture on the Right)The caries infiltration (Icon® therapy) is a relatively new technique, which helps recognize early on, carious lesions which can be brought to a standstill before it advances further. Which means that no cavity will need to be prepared (no hole drilled), to use the therapy on the initial (beginning) carious (initial caries). Caries infiltration with Icon fills the gap between prophylaxis and filling. The treatment is a painless procedure, which will be completed in one session. The caries infiltration also called micro- invasive procedure is based on the principal that a initial caries lesion (beginning stage of decay) during the process of demineralization (decalcification) before the formation of cavitation (a hole) can be infiltrated (filled) with a low hyper viscosity (runny) plastic. The hardened plastic will prevent any further advancement of decay causing germs, as carbohydrates are necessary for their reproduction and metabolite acid to demineralize the tooth structure.

Restorative (reconstructive) Dentistry

Endodontics (root canal treatment)

Periodontics (The tooth supporting tissues are known as the periodontium)


Drilling – No thank you! Using the caries infiltration

• Stopping the progression of caries early
• Immediate treatment of the initial lesions
• Healthy tooth substance is maintained
• Gentle method, without anesthesia, without drilling
• Easy treatment, in just one session

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