Restorations in one appointment.

Technology (CAD/CAM)

The CEREC 3D camera scans the prepared tooth and a three dimensional model is calculated. On this model the restoration is created on the PC (CAD=Computer Aided Design)

With the help of the copy grinding process the restoration will be milled out of an industrially produced ceramic block. (CAM=Compueter Aided Manufacturing)

The finished restoration will be placed inmediately on the tooth.

-Aestetic inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges are made of non-metallic, biocompatible material.
-Protecting the healthy remaining substance of the tooth.
-No impressions, no provisional, immediate sticking the restoration into the mouth.

according to recent studies, the computer operated CEREC inlays that last up to 10 years are not only higher quality than gold but also excel the individually manufactured ceramic inlays created by laboratories.



When an appointment at the dentist lies ahead a lot of people feel uncomfortable and some even scared
Result: necessary treatments do not get done.

Nitrous oxide could be the solution to resolving these fears. The patient will experience a feeling of ease and relaxation, the queasy feeling in your stomach will disappear and the treatment will fell shorter. Further positive effects from nitrous oxide are a reduction of the swallowing reflexes.
And after a very short time the effect of the nitrous oxide will have completely disappeared. Therefore it is possible to leave the clinic by yourself immediately after the treatment.

This is a particularly gentle and safe method.
The patient satisfaction rate is very high.



A beaming smile is the most beautiful accessory

Healthy teeth are more than just beautiful “add-on”. They can determine your success, human contact and the lasting impressions you leave.

In order to keep your gleaming white smile, we can offer you professional teeth cleaning: A gentle method with which we can remove stains and plaque – much more effectively than your dental care at home. In addition, regular professional cleaning is important in order to prevent dental and periodontal diseases.

The dream of white teeth can become a reality.

Using a gentle tooth – whitening procedure the patient’s natural tooth color can be brightened. The extremely thin ceramic shells, known, as veneers cannot only change the tooth colour completely, but can also correct misaligned teeth. Even fillings or crowns nowadays are in highly aesthetic solutions that are indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Perfect aesthetics is teamwork between dentist and dental technician. As a team we develop the optimal solution for the patient, which can often be completed within one day


Gentle for you and the environment.

You can obtain a digitalized image of the tooth on a screen within seconds which is used to immediately assess the area testedin order to discuss the outcome with the patient and colleagues.

The radiation exposure of the digital x ray technology is reduced up to 90% in comparison to the classical analog technology. This is due to the fact that the digital memory film is much more delicate than the conventional X-ray film.

Digital X-rays have a better image quality than conventional pictures and portray tooth and bone structure perfectly. These can then immediately be post edited, on the computer; which will display further details. Allowing a faster and more exact diagnosis.

The digital images can easily be passed on to the patient, equally to other colleagues or dentist doing follow up treatment. Complicated and longwinded sending of bad quality copies belongs in the past.

Environmentally friendly
Analog X-Ray films, and the corresponding processing chemicals necesary for conventional X-rays are no longer needed. Therefore, the use of digital X-ray technology makes an important contribution to the protection and preservation of the environment.


Teeth – just like the original

One of the main areas our practice specializes on lies in the field of dental implantology. There is no other form of tooth replacement that is as similar to the original as an implant. The small ‘post’ made out of neutral titanium or ceramic replaces the tooth’s root and grows firmly into the jawbone, this foundation allows the fixation of dental crowns, bridges and even dentures. The result of the treatment provides you with the comfort of a firmly anchored tooth just like before. You will feel no restrictions when laughing, speaking and chewing.

From a single tooth to an edentulous jaw we can offer you individual implant solutions that provide you with comfort and aesthetics in the long run. You can be sure that in implantology, we only use the world’s leading manufacturers of implants.


MDI Mini-Dental-Implants, due to their small diameter of 1.8 – 2.4mm can also be used in severely atrophic mandible jaws without augmentative procedures and are particularly suitable for the stabilization of complete dentures. Due to their design, the surgical procedure is minimally invasive.

The MDI Mini-Dental- Implant supported prosthesis, finally allows us to offer you an economical and effective treatment – above all for those who have rejected previous treatments due to fear or financial difficulties.


The root canal treatment.

Endodontics deals with the treatment of diseases affecting the tooth nerve, commonly referred to as ‘root canal’.

A root canal treatment is a therapy which aims to preserve a tooth, that has a pulp (‘tooth nerve’) which is vital but irreversibly inflamed, or that is non-vital (dead). In the process, the vital or non-vital pulp tissue is it. The root canal treatment is part of endodontics.

A root canal is usuarlly performed following one of two indications.

If the tooth is vital and the pulp is irreversibly damaged.

If the tooth is already devitalized the aim of the treatment is the removal of the pulp and the non- vital tooth germs from inside the tooth. This process focuses on cleaning the root canal system as thoroughly as possible and eliminating any bacteria and tissue remnants.