… Is a dental practice without fear and stress, a practice in which everyone can feel comfortable and where – as a patient – you will leave more satisfied than when you arrived. Expertise, trust and partnership are the three pillars that hold together our practice. By striving for perfection, highest quality thinking, continuous training and the latest treatment methods we want to make this happen. We aim to meet all your needs and wants in the most pleasant and comfortable way.

Prevention is better than cure. This is our main priority. Only in places where this is no longer possible, we rely on the most advanced methods of dentistry. Perfect organization, working according to quality standards and constant striving for even more improvement features our practice organization. Being open to the needs of our patients and the transparency of our performance are the basis for ensuring the best possible care for our patients.

We are a friendly practice with excellent service. In terms of quality we do not want any other practice to outbid us. We want to meet this criteria. We would also like you to form your own opinion and feel free to inform us if you disagree.

Dental Aesthetics

Aesthetics (from ancient Greek αἴσθησις aísthēsis „perception “, “feeling”) until the 19th century, it was a specialty in the doctrine of perceptible beauty, legitimacy and harmony in the laws of nature and art.
Aesthetics literally means the doctrine of perception or a form of sensory intuition. Aesthetic, is therefore anything that moves our senses when we look at it: Beauty, Ugly, pleasant and unpleasant. Scientifically the term aesthetic refers to the entire range of properties that decide how people perceive objects.